Poem: Our life


I love my life and no one can take it from me. This is my life, so I choose my ways!


I hate and I love. I love the sun but I hate the cold. I hate math but I love to write. I love and hate many of things.


I have many of feelings. Many of people say they know how I feels, bud they don’t. No one can feel my feelings. But one people of this world can feeling what a feels and it’s me.


I think about the dead every day. It’s so hard and I can’t stop think about that. How it will be? I come to a new world or I’m born again and have a new life? I will now that.

Every people some born comes to die one day. Every of us and it’s a thing we can not stopped.


But now we live and we can not perhaps live again. So live and was crazy! Find your love and have the best life.


By Josefin M klass 8


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